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Off-line media monitoring
We provide this type of monitoring based on individual requests by customers and supply it in the morning hours through electronic mail, while ensuring the customer receives relevant information. The customer has the option of choosing the preferred format of the information output.

On-line media monitoring
We set up a special client database for every client containing the information from the monitored media enabling the client to search, categorise, process and archive the information outputs through the internet browser.

Translations of domestic resources in foreign languages
We provide translations of information from the Hungarian, Ruthenian, and Ukrainian ethnic-minority press and broadcasts into the Slovak language.

Translations of foreign resources
We provide translations of the information from broadcasts of the selected Czech, Hungarian, and Austrian radio and TV stations as well as from the selected Hungarian, Austrian, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian press into the Slovak language.

Annotations in a foreign language
We process the selected information from the monitoring of the media into annotations and translate them into English, German or other languages.

Transcripts of audio recordings
We carry out transcriptions of complete versions of reports or programmes of radio and television broadcasts.

Overview of the most important events, opinions, and standpoints
We carry out daily selections of reports from the monitored radio and TV stations.

Topical selections
We carry out topical selections of information from internal archival databases.

Media analyses
We provide quantitative and qualitative media analyses..

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